C4 On The Go Review: Worth it or not?


I have been experimenting different drinks that involve health and fitness. Throughout different groceries like Target, Safeway, or Wegman provide different drinks for supplement. One of the drinks I’ve tried out for the first time is C4 On The Go energy drink. Here is the review of what I thought and if you should buy this drink or not into your exercise regime.

What is C4 On The Go?

C4 On The Go is an energy drink labeled as a dietary supplement for adult nutrition. The drink contains zero sugar so that you do not experience sugar crash. Their motto is “energy to perform” for training or lifestyle. The idea behind this drink is to get yourself an energy boost to power through the exercise, active lifestyle, or living life to the fullest. However, there are other information to consider before buying this drink.

Beta Alanine:

One of the main ingredient of C4 On The Go drink is Beta Alanine. According to the article “Beta-Alanine – A Beginner’s Guide” by Arlene Semeco, Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid where it is used to produce carnosine, which help to improve exercise performance. The can explains that this ingredient is designed to delay the onset of fatigue, resulting in better performance and power of exercise. Beta Alanine does cause tingling sensation when you consume the drink.


One of the benefits of the drink is the Beta Alanine, it helps to improve exercise performance, especially if the exercise is high-intensity. Second, it gives you energy boost whenever you are doing activities like exercise, studying, driving, or any physical activity. Lastly, it increases your mental awareness. That way, you have a mental mind of a champion and keeping your head in the game or days that feels challenging.

*Although the benefits listed is good, it cannot be proven without many evidence-based studies or studies relating to this drink and exercise performance. So do not assume this can give you these results.*

Warning and Risk

Despite the benefits, there are risk and warning you need to look carefully at. One of the warning shown in the can is that the drink is only intended for healthy adults who are 18 years or older. Do not give this drink to those who are not healthy and are under age of 18 years-old. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or in care by a nurse. It is dangerous to combine this drink with OTC medication because it can cause some damage to the body. The warning added that you should not consume other products containing caffeine like coffee or supplements containing caffeine. Do not drink this if you have surgery in 2 weeks. You should drink at least one can only and the warning label verified that you should not exceed more than two servings from 24 hours. Lastly, keep this product out of children.

One thing to note that once you drink this supplement, you will feel tingling sensation. When I took this drink, I felt that sensation in my face. This is because the ingredient Beta Alanine are at work. If this sensation becomes harmful, discontinue. Last thing to know is that you consume this drink and wait between 20-30 min before you exercise.

Review and Conclusion

I took the sip of this drink. One of the flavors I tried was the sparkling frozen bombsicle. It tasted good. I did felt the sensation of the Beta Alanine. I waited for 30 min and started my workout. The workout I performed was 3 sets of full body dumbbell and bodyweight workout with 10 exercises between 10-25 reps, 10 min POPSUGAR Fitness jump cardio, and Ashley Conrad Core video. The energy level increased and I perform each exercise well and show no signs of tiredness. The product did work and felt satisfied with the result.

In conclusion, this product does work and it did improve my exercise performance by increasing energy level and help me become more aware of my mental mind. This product might benefit you but consider the warning and risk before you buy this supplement. Tell me what you think and if this product works for you.


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