COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone around the world. Self-quarantine and the disruption of our daily lives caused us to stop. Everyone is fearing for their lives that they might get infected.

God is bigger than this COVID-19

However, I do not fear COVID-19 because God is bigger than this virus. God is our healer, protector, and a supernatural God who can do the impossible. What is impossible with men, ALL things are possible with God (Matthew 19:26). 

Remember, God is an all-powerful, holy, loving, and almighty living God who is the creator of the universe.

God hears your prayer by your faith and trust in him.

Keep praying during this dark time of our lives.

God will work his miraculous power through his incredible mercy, grace, and love.

Believe With God All Things Are Possible
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O Heavenly Father,

Thank you that nothing is impossible with you.

You are worthy of honor and glory through your holy name.

Lord, we asked you to let your divine healing love, strength, mercy, and grace flow into my life, my family’s life, and my friend’s life during the COVID-19 storm.

Keep us in safety and protect us every day from the evil of the COVID-19 with your angels watching over us, guarding us, and defending our homes.

Fill our hearts and mind with everlasting hope, joy, and peace to calm our fears.

Let your holy name work miraculous power to heal those who are affected and protect those who are not affected by the COVID-19.

Forgive our sins and trespasses for we are sinners against you.

Have mercy on us.

Deliver us from this storm.

And I thank you God in advance that we will receive your blessings, your deliverance, and your miracle power today and every day.

In Jesus Name we pray,


woman praying beside tree
The image was done by Ben White from Unsplash