Exercise Program for Muscle Endurance

Exercise Program for Muscle Endurance

Resistance training is one of the forms of exercise that has become popular to most people. As an alternative for cardiorespiratory endurance, resistance training needs to be detailed and specific on what goals to reach. There are specific types of goals that you need to strive for when wanting to do resistance training. For example, there are 4 types of goals you can pick for this kind of training. One of them is muscle endurance, where your muscles can do repetitions without stopping. Luckily, for those who want to improve muscle endurance, there is a FITT principle for it.

Why is it important to do weight training?

It is important to do muscle endurance exercises because it improves your activities of daily living. Activities of daily living are where every day you do things on regular basis like walking, washing dishes, cleaning, dressing up, moving around different places, and even bathing. There have been people who cannot do most of these things due to muscle weakness or special condition that prevents normal function. Doing regular resistance training weekly can help to do activities of daily living better. Another reason is that of the benefits of resistance training listed below.

Benefits of doing muscle endurance program 

Health benefits (Ratamess)

-Reduce risk of low back pain, increase muscle strength, muscle hypertrophy, muscle endurance, improve bone mineral density to prevent osteoporosis, reduce the risk of colon cancer, and improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity for diabetics

Performance benefits (Ratamess)

-Improve speed, balance and coordination, muscle power, better performance of activities of daily living, wrestling performance, cycling power and performance, and velocity for tennis, baseball, and throwing

Despite the benefits, there are barriers that people will encounter to prevent the goal of muscle endurance.

Barriers to muscle endurance program

-Lack of time, Lack of motivation, physical barriers like obesity or disease, lack of social support, and fear of injury


-The solution to each barrier:

Lack of time:

Create a 10-20 minute workout to get the same benefits of resistance training

Lack of motivation:

Remind your goals and reason you want to exercise and create a reward for the training program to treat yourself for making an active healthy decision

Physical barriers:

Remind the benefits of exercise, increase exercise gradually, and do the workout that does not hurt health conditions

Lack of social support:

Communicate with your family and friends every day to encourage yourself to reach for the goal faster

Fear of injury:

Slowly progress your training or regime as your fitness level increases and hire a personal trainer to communicate with great credentials

FITT principle to follow


Depending on how many days you want to do it, it is suggested to do 2-3 days a week for healthy adults.


Go for 60-70% of 1RM max. If you decided not to do that, go for weights you can do for more than 10-25 reps without struggling


Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Resistance bands, Elastic bands, TRX, Bodyweight, or other Equipment


Usually between 30-45 min

(If you have health conditions, then communicate with your doctor or physician to discuss what kind of strength training exercises to do)

In order to get started, find a specific goal to achieve and focus on that to get the results quicker. Then figure out your FITT principle from the outline above. Include a list of equipment to use.

You must plan what kind of exercises to include (make sure you start off with multi-joint exercises first then single-joint exercises). The reason is that multi-joint exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups work on several muscle groups to show better muscle gains rather than just one muscle group. If you start with bicep curls and then chest press, then you will struggle to do 5 or 1 rep.

Sample workout

Exercises                               Reps                                         Sets                                         Rest

Squats 10-25 2-3 30 sec-1 min
Push-ups 10-25 2-3 30 sec-1 min
Lunges 10-25 2-3 30 sec-1 min
Chest Press 10-25 2-3 30 sec-1 min
Plank 1 min 2-3 15 sec
Superman 10-25 2-3 15 sec
Bicep Curls 10-25 2-3 30 sec-1 min
Tricep Dips 10-25 2-3 30 sec-1 min


The most important thing about gaining muscle endurance is gradually made progression on your exercise regime. Gradually progress your training every 2 weeks to achieve muscle endurance goal. Start slow and then gradually increase fitness level.

Have Fun and enjoy the benefits of resistance training

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