Fitness Blender Review: One of the most popular YouTube Fitness Channels ever

Introduction: Everyone wants to exercise in order to lose weight and live a healthy life. There are lots of sources you can find from DVDs to YouTube videos. Can you base your regime on YouTube videos? YES, YOU CAN. The one channel you can start doing is Fitness Blender. If you want cardio, strength, and flexibility to become part of your regime, Fitness Blender is the right channel for you.

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What is Fitness Blender?:

This YouTube channel is one of the biggest names in the fitness category. Like POPSUGAR Fitness, this channel started a long time ago, 8 years to be exact. They and POPSUGAR Fitness have been around for a long time and been doing great for their own respective channel. The main difference is that a married couple named Kelli and Daniel sharing the same goal constituted Fitness Blender. The goal they both want to achieve is offering free workouts for those that want to exercise at home and become accessible for everyone looking for an alternative for gyms.

According to their website,, both Kelli and Daniel want to promote more information on health and fitness available for everyone and not depending on monetary gain and superman kind of appearance. After 8 years of hard work on their channel, both Kelli and Daniel felt the achievement of their goal are still taking steps to create a world of better health and fitness.

Daniel Segars has worked in the fitness industry since 2000 and has a degree in Food and Nutrition. Conversely, Kelli Segars has worked in the fitness industry since 2006 and has a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Although both do not have a degree in Exercise Science, 10+ years of being part of the fitness industry is a great look at a resume.

How the video is played?:

Usually, the video consists of warm up, exercise work, and cooldown. I’ve mentioned the importance of a warm-up and a cooldown so if you want to learn more about that then look at the POPSUGAR Fitness review. They have a structure based on time rather than a number.

For example, if you have a structure of 45:15 ratio, it means 45 sec of work and 15 sec of active rest. Some of their videos are repeat circuits and focus on the major muscle group. Either Kelli or Daniel appears on the video and walk you through the workout.

The good thing that each video has is the calorie burn chart. They give you the minimum and the maximum amount of calorie burned depending on the intensity you wanted to go.

This will help people see how many calories burned rather than figuring it out by themselves. In addition, they do allow water break and you can pause as long as you like. Most videos are cardio based with strength training and even time specific workouts.

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-Effective workouts

-Variety (Cardio, Strength, Flexibility)

-Offer exercise program

-Improve health and fitness

-Burn major calories

-Lose weight

-Burn Fat

-Meal and nutrition plan

-Making active lifestyle choices


So far there seems to be no con about Fitness Blender.

Conclusion: Fitness Blender is a great channel for those that want to work out as their daily routine. Kelli and Daniel have a good way to structure their plan of improving health and fitness for their clients or everyone. Accessibility to everyone for free workouts further improves channels, chances of subscriptions and success. The fact that Fitness Blender has more than 5 million subscribers proves how great the channel has evolved. Start making a plan for your health and fitness and continue it for a long time.



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