Introduction to Blog

Hello reader and viewers, this website/blog are target for those that are interested in health and fitness topics. This blog may also serve as mentor or counselor for exercise science. I’m currently majoring in exercise science so knowledge will keep showing. Most of the topics discussed for blog content consists of ACSM’s information to help you achieve your goals. Specific guidelines, injury management, personal favorite tips, and YouTube fitness topics will be the main basis of this blog.

Warning: some of the blog content will contain self-promotion on affiliate programs to sell products and create audience for awareness in order to increase motivation and health and wellness for the general health population. These affiliate programs relate to health and fitness and wellness topics that will make your body feel good every day. I highly recommend that you explore these links and get the products while it’s hot. You may encountered bonuses, rewards, and deals. Don’t miss it and have a good day.

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