Low-Impact Exercises: Why You Should Do It and How To Do It


What do running, basketball, soccer, football, and dancing have in common? They all are high-impact work. The term “High-Impact” means that your joints are used a lot and produce stress on the body. While doing high-impact activities is great to improve fitness, there are some people who cannot do these types of activity.

People that are pregnant, diabetic, have low back pain, and osteoarthritis should avoid high-impact activities. One bad thing about it is that it affects your joints so much that over repetitive movements and excessive stress on the body can cause injury around the knee joint mainly and possibly shoulder joints with discomfort or pain.

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But there are good alternatives for those that cannot do high-impact exercise. The best option is LOW-IMPACT ACTIVITIES.

Why choose a Low-impact workout over nothing?

Low-impact exercises are a good way to burn calories and improve health and fitness. Although you do not burn many calories than high-impact exercise, low-impact exercise can still pack a punch. Low-impact requires no jumping which prevents excessive stress over your body; no risk of injury. The muscles will still be working and strengthen for better strength and cardio.

Sometimes the feeling of discomfort or pain might come to running or basketball but doing various videos involving low-impact workout reduce the risk of pain and discomfort. If you have lower back pain, diabetes, or osteoarthritis you can still do the workout of low-impact because it does not cause injury and can still give you benefits of exercise and live an active lifestyle without being sedentary, lifestyle involving prolonged sitting and less active movement.

This is ideal for those who are beginner exerciser, overweight or does not prefer high-impact workout.

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Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise:

-Protects the joints from major discomfort

-Burn calories

-Lose weight

-Improve health and fitness

-Strengthen muscle endurance and strength

-Leave you sweating if you are doing high-intensity

-Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease like other exercises

-It is good for those with diabetes, lower back pain, and osteoarthritis

What to do now:

Look at YouTube or various results from Google, Bing, or Yahoo and search about low-impact exercises. You can choose either walking, aerobics, or stationary bikes without any high-impact work. Plan for at least according to ACSM, 3-5 days a week and start slow. As you improve fitness, you can increase the intensity and maybe transition to high-impact exercises. Here is one video you can start trying out. Start making this a habit because consistency is important and can lead to greater benefits of exercise. This can help you become more active in life.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iuloCCe1eM



Low-impact workouts are a great way to lose weight, improve health and fitness, and reducing the risk of injury. Pick whatever exercise or activities that are easy on the joints to enjoy exercise more. Progress by increasing intensity and burn more calories. Get your heart pumping and work your body to greatness.

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