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Artist/Band of the week: Work of Art

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This is an amazing band from Sweden. They have great melodic hard rock sound that brings contemporary AOR sound from the likes of Toto. The musician chemistry is great. The trio consists of Lars Säfsund aka the best vocalist I’d ever heard in my life, Robert Sall, the guitar player, and the drummer Herman Furin.

Lars Säfsund’s singing voice matches really well with the melodic rock and AOR sound. Lars Säfsund singing is charming and soulful that other people who love this band recognize his talent as an amazing singer. He also brings the right amount of soul, power, and grittiness in his singing voice. Robert Sall provides many wonderful guitar melodies that made their songs sound incredible. Herman Furin creates great drum performances that brought different flavors in every song through his great rhythms and drum fills.

This band is one of the best bands that brought great melodic rock and AOR music in contemporary considering the fact that they formed in 1992. They actually released their first album in 2009. Ever since then, Work Of Art keeps creating great music. They deserve a lot of love and respect for their awesome music. Their music brings a lot of joy for me. This is my all-time favorite band.

Top 5 or Top 10 songs (based on personal opinion)

  1. Can’t Let Go
  2. The Rain
  3. Eye Of The Storm
  4. The Great Fall
  5. Once in a Lifetime
  6. What Do You Want From Me
  7. Over the Line
  8. Maria
  9. Hold on to Love
  10. The Turning Point

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