My Testimony: How God Saved My Life 


In the year 2019, the first 6 months were great. I graduated from Montgomery College in May 2019 and received my associate degree. I then transfer to a four-year university while maintaining a strong relationship with my family and friends. Life is heading to a bright future that is filled with hope and greatness for me. However, a personal event happened that caused me to face one of the most difficult times of my life. Ultimately, this event is what caused me to give my life to Christ.

Where it all started?

Before 2019 occurred, I was struggling with depression and self-doubt since 2015. This occurs because of a friendship with a girl who I liked for a long time went downhill. Ever since then, I battle with myself whether I am worthless or not. Sometimes I feel like I am a disgrace to my family and friends. However, my family and friends reassure me that I am not and they are lucky to have me as a son, brother, and friend. Still, I criticized myself as worthless and a loser. I often thought about my family and friend’s lives will be 100 times better without me.

Another struggle that I faced is my internet pornography addiction. I first watched this content in high school and it engrained in my mind that I became obsessed with it. Depression and internet pornography addiction were my personal struggle for 5 years. I tried to fix these problems on my own thinking that I can defeat it with my own strength. Unfortunately, my problems got worse to the point where I contemplated suicidal thoughts and watched more internet pornography material and it consumed me.

Then in 2020, COVID-19 occurred. It seems that my life went from bad to worse. At this point, it made me realized that I need God in my life and come to him for help.

Greg Laurie: The man that help me receive salvation through Jesus Christ

There was one preacher that I came across that would change my life for the better.

His name is Greg Laurie.

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Pastor Greg Laurie is a pastor from Harvest church. Most of his sermons can be found on YouTube. Greg teaches us what God’s word says about what is going on around the world and how to overcome trials and troubles in your life. But his sermons help you trust God more. Also, his teachings can help you be prosperous and victorious against your storms in life. Sometimes the topic he addresses is dark, challenging, and hard to swallow but necessary to know as Christians.

I saw his Harvest at Home service on March 2020. It made me better understand the spiritual principles of faith, hope, and love of God that is necessary for me to have in my life. I was intrigued and felt engrossed by his messages. Then at the end of the sermon, I prayed the sinner’s prayer and receive Christ into my life. I have been born-again. Although I did receive salvation through Christ from John Osteen, it is important to continue to work your salvation and keep growing in your faith. As a believer, you will experience trials and tribulations in life. But as long as you trust God, pray without ceasing, and provide thanksgiving even during your storms in life, then God will bless you and help you to overcome trials and tribulations in life.

I was lucky to receive his New Believer Bible, which helps me increase my wisdom and knowledge on Jesus’s life-changing lessons I learn. I continue to learn from the bible for the rest of my life.


One year later since I commit my life to Jesus as my Lord and Savior, my faith continues to grew more thanks to Greg Laurie’s ministry and his podcast, the bible app or YouVersion app, and praying to God or talking to God every day over my concerns. In addition, I no longer suffer depression and self-doubt in my life because I receive peace, love, and joy in life because of God’s love and Jesus’s sacrifice for me as a sinner.  Also, I overcame my addiction to internet pornography and now pursuing sexual purity. As a result, I become a better person in the past and I experience less depression and self-doubt ever since. I also become much more caring, loving, and merciful to other people. It has also helped me to overcome my personal trials and hardships in life.

Sinner’s Prayer:


One special key about the sinner’s prayer.

This is something you need to remember. You can pray the sinner’s prayer in your mind, but it will not work. Because you have to say it with your mouth and believe it with your heart. Pray the sinner’s prayer with your mouth and believe it in your heart. As a result, I receive my salvation and accepting Jesus Christ as the lord and savior of my life. I did recommit my life to Christ.

If you prayed this prayer, then click this link below. Download the YouVersion bible app.

Start your journey with God and Jesus by your side.

If you want to receive Christ in your heart and want to grow faith in God and getting to know God more, then do the following.

Hear the word of God. Believe in Christ and have faith. Confess your sins as a sinner. Repent your sins. Make Jesus your Lord and Savior of your life now. Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. And be saved from the mercy and grace of God.

After that, keep believing in Jesus Christ. Continue to grow in faith through various trials and hardships.

Get a bible from any source to understand the truth of God’s word into your life. Have the word of God into your heart and mind to gain a better knowledge of God. Make time to worship God. Develop a prayer life (pray every day).

Receive Christ today.

Thank you for reading and God Bless you!!!

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe

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