Here are some other prayers that you can pray for in your daily life.

Financial Prayer


I trust you as my shepherd

Supply all of my financial needs according to the riches in glory by Christ Jesus

Allow no poverty and lack to come into my life in the name of Jesus

Give me financial blessings to help me get by on an everyday basis

Thank you God in advance for the financial blessings I will experience

In Jesus name, Amen

Prayer for Health


I trust you as my healer and my main source for health

Provide continuing good health and prevent illness and disease come into my body

Heal those who are affected by illnesses and diseases

Let the illnesses and diseases be removed from their bodies in the name of Jesus Christ

Flow your divine healing into their bodies and be free from the illness or disease

Deliver them, Lord, from their time of need

Thank you in advance, God for healing their bodies

In Jesus name, Amen

Prayer for Hope

Heavenly Father,

I praise the power of your holy name and your love

Fill our spirits with everlasting hope to bring light into our darkness

I honestly feel a sense of hopelessness in my situation

Lord, I cannot do this alone. I need your help

Let your love, strength, and provisions help me to overcome my struggles and lead me to victory

Thank you, God, in advance for giving me the victory

In Jesus name, Amen

Prayer for Family & Friends


I thank you for being our loving and almighty God

Let your love, strength, mercy, grace, provision, health, safety, and protection be around my family and friends

Watch over them and help them Lord to supply their personal needs in every area of their lives

In Jesus name, Amen

Bold and Dangerous Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Bless and favor me, my family, and my friends throughout the day.

Let your supernatural breakthrough and miracles work to prosper every area of my life.

Remove and get rid of any evil spirits that are preventing me to receive your blessings and favor in the name of Jesus Christ.

I thank you, God, in advance that I have received your blessings and divine favor and supplying all of my personal needs.

In Jesus name, Amen

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