POPSUGAR Fitness Review: One of the best YouTube fitness channel

YouTube is full of channels taking in many topics from makeup to music. Fitness has become a trend to those who want to improve their health and wanting to live an active lifestyle. There have been channels that focus on giving you countless workouts to do at home. The one channel that remains active on YouTube and creating great workouts is POPSUGAR Fitness. https://www.youtube.com/user/popsugartvfit

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What is POPSUGAR Fitness?

POPSUGAR Fitness is a YouTube channel started back in 2010 that offers free workouts and exercises ranging from cardiorespiratory endurance to full body strength to help you lose weight and live an active life.

Anna Renderer, fitness expert/coach who has Bachelor and Master degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Northeastern University, hosts the channel. Anna is also a certified Personal Trainer with ACE Fitness and certified Youth Fitness Specialist with International Youth and Conditioning Association. This is a great resume and credentials for someone looking for an online fitness instructor.

The best bonus is that Anna Renderer is an outgoing, fun loving, and passionate coach that makes her videos more fun to do exercise. Most of the videos based on mainly cardiorespiratory work including other fitness experts and Hollywood’s top celebrity trainers to add up interesting variety.

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Who is POPSUGAR Fitness target audience?

Usually the audience is intended for female crowd due to videos showing mostly women providing the workout. However, the channel does feature male fitness expert and assistance. I use POPSUGAR Fitness videos as my exercise regime of 5 days a week and I still love it to this day. Men can do these workouts, as fitness has no limits to gender.

How does the video play out?

Each videos are played out consist of warm-up, exercise work, and cooldown. Warm-up is important because it increase your heart rate (HR) and preparing your muscles for upcoming workout. It usually last 5 minutes. The exercise work depends on how long the video is. For example, if the video is 45 minutes long, then the exercise work is about 30-35 minute work. Cooldown allows you to lower HR and breathing rate to normal.

The topic of each video focuses on cardio work whether it is at home, bodyweight, weights, or variety like kickboxing and dance.

The best features about the channel is that it provides time meter to go along the program. The most important aspect of the channel is you have three people helping you to exercise, Anna being the center and having the other two with the one on the left (by video standard) providing modification while the one on the right providing advancement or progression.

There will be times where featured experts and trainers are in the center with Anna being on the right or left. The best part is that the people in the video are having a good time while exercising, which is important for improving mood.

Benefits of POPSUGAR Fitness

-Improve health and fitness

-Stress relief

-Provide weight loss

-Modification and progression for effective and safe workout

-Burn major calories

-Playlist full of different and specific kind of workouts


The only thing the channel does not have is calorie count. I wish that the channel had a calorie count like other channels form Fitness Blender to HASFit to track down minimal to maximum calorie burn throughout the video to know the estimate calorie burned. Another thing is that the channel is predominantly about cardio work; less strength training. Many videos and channels focus on strength training. Conversely, POPSUGAR Fitness does provide weight training for full body only.


Overall, POPSUGAR Fitness is a fantastic channel about improving health and fitness. Many workout and exercises are fun to do yet also challenging. Great feature of modification and progression, amazing trainers, and structure of exercises. If you love a fun workout to burn major calories and lose weight, then this channel is for you.

Picture from the source: https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/30-Minute-Cardio-Workout-42352709

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