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The new year means that I’m trying new ways to help you support your health, wellness, and fitness goals. As of January 2019, I’m partnered with 6 companies, 4 of which include ShareaSale program. I’m currently selling you these products through the links to know that I care about your health, wellness, and fitness goals. These companies can help to maintain the 3 aspects of this blog’s purpose: health, fitness, and wellness. The opportunities seen here are filled with trusted brands and high quality products guarantee to be left without disappointments.
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HeathyWage: Do you want to boost the likelihood your weight loss journey will be successful? Leading academic research shows that money enhances weight loss success, making dieters significantly more likely to lose weight. HealthyWage uses cash-based challenges designed to help end procrastination, encourage perseverance, and harness the power of your desire to avoid losing your wager. Get started today and make your HealthyWager.
Testimonials: According to 320 reviews on their customer review page, most of the review is 5 stars and positive.
One example: Carolyn S., a verified buyer gave a 5 star review stated “This is the best vitamin product I have ever used. It is the best I have found. After reaching the age of 50 I felt my energy and vitality very low. After a few short weeks I started feeling better. I could not take other b vitamins because they upset my stomach and this does not.” (On PureFood Complete Bundles) also Review and credit by Carolyn S. from
Don’t believe me? Look at their customer review page on their website and see for yourself. Kelly Maia Nutrition did a review on their products and most of it is positive. The article is called “How Pranin Organic Supplements Helped Me Through My Burnout Recovery”
Customer Review: 83 reviews overall between 4-4.5 star. One example of the review comes from Melissa J., a verified buyer from the customer reviews page and stated “Everything is perfect for me and my body type! I love the waistline of the leggings as I have a long torso and it actually goes high enough for me. The cut yourself hem is amazing too for shorties like me (although I am 5’3” and could use a bit shorter haha). Everything else fit perfect, ordered based on measurement chart and very happy!” Melissa J. gave it 5 stars. (Review and credit by Melissa J. from
Link to Sport Formula Inc: Get your free sample of Sport Formula.
Testimonial: Check out their testimonial page on their website. One example comes from Ricky Mendoza, a certified nutritionist and certified personal trainer from Sacramento, CA gave a review who writes “There is no doubt that Sport Formula is 100% the best vitamin that I have ever taken. It enhances my entire body and makes me feel better. When training Ju-Jitsu, I really feel the difference. Sport Formula is my Favorite supplement. It definitely burns fat and builds muscles quicker than any other supplement. I recommend it to all of my clients and they love the results. Finally, we have something that works.” (Review and credit by Ricky Mendoza from
One product to try
Their goal is to empower power through their products to achieve health goals.
Testimonial: One customer name Collayne Mills from London, ON and gave a positive review from the Yes Wellness testimonial page stated ” “Thank you very much for your prompt response to my order. Replacing and shipping the mis-packaging/wrong oil product was excellent service and also we very much appreciate the thoughtfulness for yes wellness to send a few complimentary “gifts” with the new shipment. The Carlson “very fine fish oil” is a wonderful product and your company has the most competitive price. Certainly we will be returning clients.” (Review and credit by Collayne Mills from
Deals/Coupons:These are deals/coupons you don’t wanna miss.

Dr. Vims: I found this small company in Austin, TX called Dr. Vim’s that makes 100% plant based formulas to help lower stress and increase energy without using stimulants or chemicals. Just figure we could all use a little less stress and a bit more energy these days. Thought you might want to check them out.

Check out the reviews from both their products, MEN’S VIGOR and WOMEN’S YINERGY with all of them being stars. Look for yourself.

If you want to check the legitimacy of this company go to their website at
HUM Nutrition: This company is different because it features nutritionists who are mostly registered dietitians and they personally give you recommendation for nutrient based on your personal profile. They make you take a 3-min quiz, your personal registered dietitians will review your data and send you report on what nutrients to have and help you find the right products with clinically proven supplements. See for yourself HUM Nutrition 
This is the shortest blog post I’ll ever posted. I’ll post more content about health and fitness soon. Definitely do not let these opportunities pass you by. Trust that you’ll not be disappointed and see positive results from these companies.

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