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A new addition to the blog

This section is new for this blog. Music is part of our every day lives. I decided to add my favorite music onto this blog to help give interest in artists and their music that may be part of your playlist.

Hymns and Worship Songs

This type of music is for those who are Christians and wanted to sing songs that glorify God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Click this link to look at the list of songs that you can add to your personal devotional to God.

Workout Music

Music and exercise o hand in hand. I did make an article discussing the top 10 songs you should listen to to boost your exercise performance. Here are more songs you can use to make your workout more exciting and motivating

Music Pick of the Week

I am an open-minded music listener. I love listening to various types of music. Rock, metal, pop, soundtrack, video game, etc. I showcase an artist/band that deserves attention and love. Every week I pick an artist/band, song, or album that is worth a listen. Who knows? They might be in your playlist. Check it out.