Workouts You Can Do in Less Than 30 Minutes

Exercise is key to better health and better lifestyle. There are varieties of exercise to do at your time. Ranging from cardiorespiratory endurance activities like walking, running, and kickboxing to strength training. However, people do not have the time to do exercise for 30 min. Lack of time is one of the main reasons why people have barriers to exercise. Luckily, there are 5 workouts you can do in less than 30 minutes and still get the benefits of exercise.

Barrier (Lack of Time):

One of the biggest reasons that people choose not to exercise is because most people do not have the time to do so. People are different on how their lives are. Whether it is school, work, or other hobbies, it can inhibit the involvement of active lifestyle and improving your health and fitness. Some people think that exercise should be between 30-60 min and it usually causes people who do not have 30-60 min of their free time to do any sorts of physical activity. THAT is simply not true.

Solution to lack of time:

The one solution to prevent this barrier is taking at least 10-15 min and maybe 20 min of your time to do either cardiorespiratory workout, full body strength training, and flexibility and get in how much you can still get the benefit and result of exercise. Plus, it is better than nothing. Also, do an activity that is most enjoyable to you.

For example, dancing is not an exercise but something that can leave you sweat. Walking your dog is good enough to get the work in. In general, turn your hobbies into exercise. Also make active lifestyle changes like bike to work instead of car if the distance is short, take the stairs instead of elevators, or walk dog if you have dogs.

Note: 3 out of 5 of these videos are from POPSUGAR Fitness

Video 1:

This 15-minute workout requires no jumping and equipment but safe for your joints and burn good amounts of calories. It will leave you sweating depending on your effort and intensity.

Video 2:

Another 15-minute workout involving 5 exercises with 20 seconds work at high intensity and 10 sec rest. High intensity means more calories burn in short amount of time.

Video 3:

For just 10 minutes, this is high-impact work involving a lot of jumping and bouncing that will boost your heart rate up faster and solve lack of time barrier.

Video 4:

20-minute full body workout that will leave you sweating and breathless. This involves 2 60 sec rest with 30 sec of work at hard intensity without rest in between exercises. I suggest 5-10 min warm-up before doing this workout to avoid any major discomfort. The video requires only bodyweight, no equipment.

Video 5:

10-minute Tabata workout will help you challenge your body with a hard yet fun workout. Only 8-minute work with 2 minutes warm-up and cooldown combine. The workout consists of 20 sec hard interval with 10 sec rest to sweat away the stress and burn major calories in just 10 minutes.

Very Short Conclusion:

Now you have no excuse to exercise. NO EXCUSE NO EXCUSE NO EXCUSE!!!

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